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  • Tinted Lip Treatment Oils
  • Perfume Poems: Epic Poetry Set
    Kavana's Perfume Poems quartet is a beautiful holiday gift set of clean fragrance, including all four of Kavana's non-toxic, hand blended and bottled Perfume Poems: Rose, Plai, Grapefruit and Peppermint in gorgeous, frosted glass roll on bottles with a silver cap. The square white box with black border and a red or black grosgrain ribbon make for a festive looking gift.
  • TALC-FREE Mattifying Loose Face Powder
    Kavana's loose podwer is mattifying and transparent, perfect for brides, or anyone looking for a matte finishing powder. All natural and 100% talc free!
  • PHYTO-5 Cuticle Balm
    Kavana's cuticle balm and Hand Cream are perfect companions for a hand massage or mani-pedi. Classic care, plant powered with the finest local ingredients.
  • Neroli Calm Perfume Poem
    A shimmering gold, therapeutic perfume roll on, Kavana's Neroli Calm Blend, is a light, citrus and white flower fragrance that can help calm anxiety, and increase positive feelings. A must-have purse fragrance. Essential oils of Neroli, tangerine, petitgrain bigarade, sweet orange and bergamot blend beautifully in meadowfoam and rice bran oil for a long-wearing, lightly moisturizing, skin friendly fragrance. A soft golden shimmering mica, leaves a shimmer on the skin after applying it.
  • ZAHAV- Eau Fraiche/ Scented Hair Shimmer Spray
    Kavana's Zahav, Eau fraiche, is a handmade, non-toxic light fragrance. A nod to classic Eau de Cologne's this fresh citrus bouquet, blended with white flowers or neroli and orange blossom is an intoxicating and heady blend.
  • Bug-OFF BARS
    Kavana Bug-Off bars help repel mosquitoes and are Deet free and easy to carry and use. Simply rub on and store in natural, drawstring tote bag when done. Essential oils including clove, eucayptus, lemongrass, geranium, cedarwood and palmarosa in a small flower shaped wax and shea butter bar, makes this convenient, wonderfully scented bar a practical solution to bugs when camping or hiking.
    Kavana bug-off spray, is a non-toxic, all-natural ingredient bug spray, powered by bug-repelling essential oils. Deet free and citronella free. Handmade in Toronto to help effectively repel bugs.  Simply spray on and let it dry. Do not use on broken skin and best to patch test for children. Excellent for camping, hiking or outdoor time in nature in warmer months when bugs abound!
  • Purifying Face Mask
    Kavana's Purifying Face Mask with rose and jasmine petals in an oil-absorbing trio blend of kaolin (white) Clay, Bentonite Clay,  French Pink Clay and Colloidal oats  and rice flour, will soften and deep clean your skin for a beautiful finish.