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About Perfume Poems


Scent connects us to our internal emotions, memories and intuition, as these are all processed in the same parts of our ancient brain. Rubbing scents into our skin is an instinctive pleasure, as scent connects us to places, time and the environment outside ourselves. It helps us connect to one another, to heal, to pray, to make love, and connects us to our own mood- putting us in or out of moods as quickly as we can detect an odour.

Experiencing bonding through scent is one of the main things connecting us to our parents, our beloved, our family and friends. Scents are a signposts of our existence, life-saving, in their most elemental state. Yet the sensual pleasures of natural scents, of subtle and complexe essences derived from natural, whole substances, connecting us to life within and without us, have been eclipsed by synthetic ingredients, that rob us of the pleasures of this lost art.

There is a magnitude and poetry to natural scents; their effects on the body and soul, wether for pleasure or as a therapeutic support, are well documented and deserving of awe and respect. Kavana's Perfume Poems, seek to realign the body, via natural, whole scents, to bring harmony back to our hormones and to our lives, through a joyful, transformative experience.

We hope our 'Perfume Poems' help inspire alignment in your sense of self, through your sense of scent.