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  • Boreal Beard Balm
    Kavana's Boreal beard balm is perfect for your face forest. Enriched with pine resin in sweet almond oil, cedarwood and cedarleaf essential oils, as well as French Green clay, it's a perfect all season beard tamer. Apply after Kavana's Phyto-5 Deep conditioning Hemp & Jojoba Beard oil.
    Kavana bug-off spray, is a non-toxic, all-natural ingredient bug spray, powered by bug-repelling essential oils. Deet free and citronella free. Handmade in Toronto to help effectively repel bugs.  Simply spray on and let it dry. Do not use on broken skin and best to patch test for children. Excellent for camping, hiking or outdoor time in nature in warmer months when bugs abound!
    Natural, non-toxic, aluminum-free, synthetic fragrance free / perfume free, paraben free & pthalate-free, KAVANA's 'Eco-Deo' is a truly eco-friendly deoderant. Free of plastic packaging, this round deoderant bar, fits in the palm of your hand for easy use.  It's clean,  safe and really works to keep you dry and smelling fresh! Great if you're expecting, have sensitive skin, just want to detox from conventional deoderants. Contains ti-tri and lemongrass essential oils.
    Don't go a day without this facial in a bottle. Buff dull, dry skin away with this all natural, safe exfoliating face polish. NO AHA's or BHA's, only safe, gentle, natural ingredients, including clays, rice powder, maple sugar, volcanic pumice stone for an almost microdermabrasion feel. Simply mix  capful with water in your hand and apply to skin with a circular motion. Rinse off and get softer skin today!
  • Grapefruit Perfume Poem: Exhaustion/ Fatigue Blend
    Kavana's Grapefruit Perfume Poem is a clean, non-toxic therapeutic fragrance, formulated to uplift your spirits when tired or exhausted. It has notes of Grapefruit, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Marjoram essential oils help keep you alert. Simply roll on neck, wrists or back of ears for a citrus infused, midday refresh.
    Clean, safe, non-toxic fragrance at it's best! Packaged in a  refillable, recyclable cherry red and reflective, aluminum heart-shaped glass bottle, this gourmand fragrance is an ode to love. The combination of aphrodisiac essential oils and warm, full bodied resins of tonka bean , benzoin and ylang ylang, topped with a refreshing citrus note of lemon, LEV makes for an original scent that is one-of a kind. Lev is seductive, sophisticated, simple and sweet all at once.
  • Mother's Little Helpers Skincare Set
  • MUDRA MIST: HAND SANITIZER 75% Alcohol concentration
    This non-toxic, non-drying hand sanitizing mist has a 75% concentration of alcohol and provides a non-sticky, non-gel, liquid, spray on mist option, one can use daily. Lime-lavender essential oils give a refreshing, clean scent, and no toxic chemicals in our products or mystery fragrance or preservative ingredients, ensure  a non-toxic 'clean' formula.
  • Neroli Calm Perfume Poem
    A shimmering gold, therapeutic perfume roll on, Kavana's Neroli Calm Blend, is a light, citrus and white flower fragrance that can help calm anxiety, and increase positive feelings. A must-have purse fragrance. Essential oils of Neroli, tangerine, petitgrain bigarade, sweet orange and bergamot blend beautifully in meadowfoam and rice bran oil for a long-wearing, lightly moisturizing, skin friendly fragrance. A soft golden shimmering mica, leaves a shimmer on the skin after applying it.