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Kavana Price List

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Phyto-5 Calming Cleansing Milk (makeup remover):  $55/100ml

Phyto-5 Purifying Cream Cleanser (wash off cream) : $34/50ml OR $63/120ml

Foaming Face Polish (exfoliate): $32 /30ml

Purifying Face Mask: $32 /30ml

Reviving Rose Glow Mist: $25 /30ml or $55 /120ml

Niaouli Redness Calm Mattifying Mist: $33 /30ml or $63 /120ml

Phyto-5 Face Cream: $54 /50ml

Phyto-5 Niaouli Redness Calm Cream (Primer 2 in 1): $42 /30ml $68 /50ml

Phyto-5 Blue Moon Rich Night Cream: $145 /30ml

Phyto-5 Rose Moon, Glow Gel Cream: $63 /30ml

Phyto-5 Cocoa Imortelle Nectar: $165 /30ml

Phyto-5 Nourishing Niaouli Nectar: $150 /30ml

Phyto-5 Restorative Rose Nectar : $135 /30ml

Phyto-5 Luminous Eye Cream: $83 /15ml

Phyto-5 Luminous Eye Gel (roller-ball applicator): $68 /10ml

Phyto-5 Eczema Calming Balm:  $57 /40ml  or $140 /200ml

Phyto-5 Conditioning Beard oil: $36 /30ml 

Phyto-5 Boreal Beard Balm: $32 /40gr


Skincare Essentials Trio (travel size): $90  Phyto-5 Purifying Cream Cleanser, Reviving Rose Glow Mist, Phyto-5 Face Cream. For dry, combination skin types.

La Vie en Rose trio $175 Purifying Face Mask (30ml), Restorative Rose Nectar (30ml), Reviving Rose Glow Mist mini (30ml). For sensitive/ rosacea prone skin.

Nourishing Niaouli Quattro: $300 Foaming Face Polish (with Niaouli) (30gr),  Niaouli Mattifying Mist (mini 30ml), Phyto-5 Niaouli Redness Calm Cream (50ml), Phyto-5- Nourishing Niaouli Nectar.  For oily, combination, and acne prone skin.


Eco-Deodorant Bar: $13

Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Oil: $22 /30ml  or $63/100ml

Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Creme: $52 /200ml

Phyto-5 Homebody Butter: $55 /200ml

Sensual Salt Soak$23 /150gr

Sunday Salt Soak: $52 /452gr

Phyto-5 Muscle Balm: $32 /40gr

D.E.E.T-FREE Bug-OFF Spray (SOLO mini OR large) $8 /30ml or $25 /120ml

D.E.E.T-FREE Bug-OFF Spray (DUO): 1 of each size (small and large): $30.

Phyto-5 Skin Saver Salve: $43 /40gr

Skin Saver Mist: $37 /100ml


Phyto-5 Hand Heroine Deeply Hydrating Hand Cream: $32 /30gr

Phyto-5 Cuticle Balm: $23 /40gr

Mudra Mist- Lime-Lavender alcohol based mist: $8 /30ml or $28 /120ml


Mother's Little Helper Set Balms for expecting, pregnant women+ babies $60  TRIO of 3 balms 40gr each (Stretchy Belly Balm, Nursing Mom Nipple Balm & Baby Bum Balm)

Phyto-5 Afterglow Body TRIO: $140 Afterglow Body oils- large (100ml) and mini (30ml), and Afterglow Body Creme (200ml). Complimentary heart shaped massage candle with every order on Valentines Day only)

Hand Heroine TRIO: $60: Mini mudra mist (lime-lavender hand sani) /30ml, Phyto-5 Cuticle Balm /40gr and Phyto-5 Hand Heroine: Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream /30ml.

Muscle Tone DUO: $80 Sunday Salt Soak and Muscle Balm 

P.M.S PERFUME ROLL ONS: aromatherapy for Pre-Menstrual Syndrome 

Grapefruit: Exhaustion blend: $32 /10ml roll on

Plai (Thai Ginger): Cramps blend: $32

Peppermint: Headache blend: $32

Rose: Weepiness and depression blend: $32

Neroli Calm Perfume Poem: Anxiety and irritability blend: $42

ZAHAV Eau Fraiche (Hair mist): $55 /25ml

LEV An Ode to Love (Eau de Parfum): $125 (20ml) *Special order only)


Epic Poetry Quad: $100 (includes Grapefruit, Rose, Peppemint and Plai Perfume roll-ons) 


PHYTO-5 TINTED LIP OILS: 13 clean*, sheer, plant powered lip tints

13 Tints to choose from: $42 each /10ml refillable roll-on

Mix n' Match: Customize your favourite Tinted Lip Oils and Perfume Poems for yourself or loved one. $120