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Collection: Full Moon Glow Collection- Ovulatory phase

Kavana's Full Moon Glow collection was formulated for those in their ovulatory phase. The skin usually looks it's best that it will look all month, thanks to peaking progesterone and estrogen. This is when the skin's natural radiance, resembles that of the full moon's glow! Less is more during this time- maintenance of the basic Kavana skincare ritual is recommended.

The Peppermint Perfume Poem is indicated for the ovulatroy phase as well, when headaches can occur, as estrogen starts to plummet and progesterone takes over. LEV: An Ode to Love, an all natural eau de parfum with aphrodisiac notes of ylang ylang, benzoin resin, lemon and tonka bean, is favoured for this fertile window of time.

For women who are pregnant, a full moon baby belly, always appreciates pampering. The Mother's Little Helper trio of balms for a stretching belly, sensitive nursing nipples and a baby's diaper rash are here to help. The Neroli Calm and Reviving Rose Glow Mist (mini or large) are recommended self-care gifts for those in imminent labour or post partum.

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