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Kavana is the Biblical Hebrew word for ‘intention’, 'purpose' and 'direction of the heart'.  Kavana skincare, honours founder Maya Goldenberg's intention, to purposefully heal her hormone imbalances and inspire other women in this direction. 

80% of women of all ages and life stages, struggle with a hormone problem in their lifetime.* From PMS to menopause, acne to cysts, depression to breast cancer, infertility to hot flashes, hormone imbalances can run the gamut, and cause subtle to dramatic health problems. While this is true, women's hormone issues, are for the most part, largely still ignored or dismissed, a silent pandemic.

Toxin-laden personal care products are just a few of the many things that impact women's hormones in a major way. A holistic approach to hormone balance and healing, must include non-toxic personal care products.


Kavana's safe and effective, plant-powered skin care and therapeutic fragrances, are created with uncompromising, high quality, non-toxic ingredients, for hormone harmony.

Informative blog posts, radio spots and IG (@kavanacare) posts about toxins to avoid and what to choose instead, are all available.

All products are made and packaged with integrity, in glass, with as few plastic components as possible. No toxins, no animal testing, no excessive packaging.

You can read about every single ingredient in each product, in the 'KNOW MORE' section, listed on each product page. You are encouraged and invited to read more about Maya's self-care ethos, and how to live in harmony with your hormones at every stage of life, on the KavanaCare blog.  

Shop with Kavana! Discover Maya's carefully formulated and small-batch, handmade skincare and fragrances, in the Kavana