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Our Kavana

"Kavana" is the Biblical Hebrew word that translates loosely as "embodied intention" or "direction of the heart". When you do something with Kavana, it elevates it from a mundane (ie:daily skincare) routine, into a more meaningful, mindful ritual. 

Kavana Phyto-5 Skincare

At Kavana, we believe that beauty is living in harmony with our internal and external environment. A beauty ritual done with Kavana, is meant to attune women to our monthly cycles, cycles of life, and the cycles of nature, fostering the intention of caring more mindfully for both. 

Encouraging people to acknowledge the connection between these cycles and reinforcing the idea that the health of both the "inner environment" of the body, and the health of the outside environment of our planet are aligned, is the 'raison d'etre', at the heart of all we do. 

AFterglow Trio Fall

In addition to being non-toxic and hormone safe, all Kavana skincare products, are mindfully, minimally packaged, in elegant, refillable and easily recyclable frosted glass and aluminum with some in refillable, recycled and recylable plastic. We forego individual boxes for every product, and package everything with reusable and recyclable, corrugated paperboard and paper shred when shipping. 

We deeply care about your skin and the planet in equal measure, and our intention is to green as we grow, evolving mindfully to best serve and protect your skin and our planet. 

Thank you for shopping with Kavana!