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Kavana's Body balms are formulated for specific skin concerns.

Our bestselling Phyto-5 Eczema Caliming Balm is a favourite of moms and toddlers (ages 3 +up) with eczema symptoms and flare ups.

Kavana's Mother's Little Helper Skincare trio, is a set of 3 mom and baby balms, a perfect gift for expecting, new moms and babies. A Stretchy Belly Balm, A Baby Bum Balm and a Nursing Mom, Nipple Balm are all included. A patch test is always recommended at all times, but especially during pregnancy, as expecting mothers' skin and scent sensitivity can change in each trimester as hormones fluctuate. 

Sore muscles after a long workout? Kavana's fan-favourite, Phyto-5 Muscle Balm, is excellent to help restore sore, overextended muscles and is also wonderful as a warming massage balm.

Winter weathered hands know a little extra care goes a long way. Kavana's Phyto-5 Cuticle Balm restores ragged cuticles and can double as an all purpose lip balm for chapped lips too! Perfect partner to the Phyto-5 Hand Heroine: Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream.

Tamanu-nut oil is reputed for it's skin healing properties and stars in Kavana's Phyto-5 Skin Saver Salve. Specifically formulated for broken skin, tattooed skin, post-op sensitive skin, this salve is a skin superheroine.


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  • Phyto-5 Eczema Calming Balm: 100% botanical balm for all ages.
    Kavana's phyto-5 eczema calming balm comes in two sizes: the 40gr small mini refillable tin and the larger 200gr family size tin. Seen together in this photo side by side, to show the size difference.
  • Mother's Little Helpers Skincare set: Trio of Balms for Mom and Baby
    The perfect gift for new or expecting moms and babies, this trio of clean, non-toxic, mom and baby safe balms,  is formulated with all natural ingredients, that help support moms and babies tender skin. The Stretchy Belly Balm, Nursing Mom Nipple Balm and Baby Bum Balm, are unscented and easy to identify in clearly labelled, round tins. The three tins come in an elegant, rectangular white box with a magnetic closure, an elegant and perfect gift for new mothers!
  • Phyto-5 Muscle Balm- Botanical aromatherapeutic balm for tired muscles
    Whatever your sport, when you go hard, your muscles can feel fatigued, strained, overworked and achey. KAVANA's PHYTO-5 Muscle Balm is specially formulated to offer instant relief to your tired muscles, reduce bruising, encourage good blood circulation, provide elasticity and hydration to the skin, reducing inflammation and bruising, so you can focus on that hot shower and chill post-workout. Your seriously sore muscles, will thank you.
  • Phyto-5 Skin Saver Salve for cuts, scrapes, bruises and bug bites
    Kavana's Phyto-5 skin saver salve is perfect for late summer.  This bright yellow salve is excellent post bug bites or other broken skin. Pictured, the bright yellow salve in an open tin, with two propped salves, against a rescue buoy on a deck, with trees in the background.
  • Phyto-5 Cuticle Balm: Mani-pedi must have.
    After spraying with Kavana's Mudra Mist to keep hands fresh and clean, massage Kavana's Phyto-5 Cuticle Balm and Phyto-5 Hand Heroine: Hydrating Hand Cream for a perfect mani/ pedi. Classic, plant-powered with the finest local ingredients.
  • Summer Camping Quad
    Kavana's Camper's Essential Quattro includes Skin Saver Salve, SKin Saver Mist, Spray On-Bug OFF DEET FREE Bug Spray, Eco-Deodorant Bar.
  • NEW! Boreal Beard Balm: Conditioning hair paste for beard styling
    Kavana's Phyto-5 Boreal Beard balm, comes in a small,reusable and recyclable aluminum tin. Seen here on the forest floor, amongst the pine cones and twigs.
  • Eco Deo: Aluminum and talc free deodorant bar
    Natural, non-toxic, aluminum-free, synthetic fragrance free / perfume free, paraben free & pthalate-free, KAVANA's 'Eco-Deo' is a truly eco-friendly deoderant. Free of plastic packaging, this round deoderant bar, fits in the palm of your hand for easy use.  It's clean,  safe and really works to keep you dry and smelling fresh! Great if you're expecting, have sensitive skin, just want to detox from conventional deoderants. Contains ti-tri and lemongrass essential oils.