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New! Lip Treatment Oils

Non-Toxic, Tinted Lip Treatment Oils

hormone safe skincare

clean beauty Shop

Rose Glow

Bestselling reviving face mist. SHOP

non-toxic perfume

Zahav: eau fraiche Shop

Eco-Deodorant Bar

Sensi-skin safe and effective. SHOP

hormone safe skincare balms for mom & baby

3 travel size balms SHOP


    Wash and Glow! Hydrate on the go with a spritz of Kavana's Rose Glow Mist. Keeping you hydrated and glowing is our mission. This mist is loaded with silk peptides, aloe juice and panthenol, to keep your hydrated all winter long. Try it before you leave the house! Just wash and glow!
    Get satiny soft skin with a fresh, spa-like scent with Kavana's fast-absorbing, lightweight, dry-touch Afterglow Body Oil. Non-toxic and all natural, it's powered by Kavana's PHYTO-5 blend of wildcrafted calendula, comfrey, echinacea plantain and a Chilean rosehip seed oil in a sunflower & rice bran oil blend, moisturizes, protects, soothes and heals chapped, neglected, winter skin. Best used right after a bath or shower to seal moisture in with no greasy after fell!
    Powered by Phyto-5, our blend of five healing plant oils, including calendula, comfrey, echinacea, plantain and rosehip seed oil, along with silk peptides, allantoin and Vitamin B5 (panthenol) and skin softening Vitamin E, this is a powerhouse cushioning cream. Face winter bravely!
    Natural, non-toxic, aluminum-free, synthetic fragrance free / perfume free, paraben free & pthalate-free, KAVANA's 'Eco-Deo' is a truly eco-friendly deoderant. Free of plastic packaging, this round deoderant bar, fits in the palm of your hand for easy use.  It's clean,  safe and really works to keep you dry and smelling fresh! Great if you're expecting, have sensitive skin, just want to detox from conventional deoderants. Contains ti-tri and lemongrass essential oils.
    A non-toxic, all natural, plant based, rich, comforting, cocoa and immortelle nectar or face oil for day and night use, helps calm the look of inflammation and redness, and leaves mature and sensitive skin with a velvety soft finish. KAVANA's Phyto 5 complexe of healing and protective plants along with powerful botanical oils and ess oils, rich in anti oxidants, intensely nurture skin.
  • PHYTO-5, HAND-HEROINE: Deeply hydrating hand cream
    A super-velvety, vegan, nourishing hand-cream, KAVANA's PHYTO-5 Hand Heroine helps restore skin’s natural moisture and radiance, healing even the driest hands, without any heavy after feel. Formulated with: PHYTO 5* Kavana's signature blend healing plants, colloidal oats, marshmallow root, allantoin, shea and aloe.
    KAVANA's Phyto-5 Eczema balm helps you get relief from your eczema symptoms. Powered by KAVANA's signature blend of Phyto-5, five healing plants including rosehip, calendula, plantain, echinacea, comfrey to heal and protect skin, it also has marshmallow root, non-nano zinc oxide, neem and yarrow to calm inflamed skin.
  • Rose Perfume Poem: Weepy and Depressed blend
    PMS got you feeling weepy and depressed? The scent of roses is scientifically proven to calm the nervous system. Blended with citrus notes of grapefruit and orange that mimic yuzu, another scent that is calming and uplifting, this perfume poem is a balm to a sad soul.
  • Mother's Little Helpers Skincare Set
    The perfect gift for new or expecting moms and babies, this trio of clean, non-toxic, mom and baby safe balms,  is formulated with all natural ingredients, that help support moms and babies tender skin. The Stretchy Belly Balm, Nursing Mom Nipple Balm and Baby Bum Balm, are unscented and easy to identify in clearly labelled, round tins. The three tins come in an elegant, rectangular white box with a magnetic closure, an elegant and perfect gift for new mothers!
    KAVANA's Hemp and Jojoba Beard oil deeply nourishes your beard and the skin underneath it, helping reduce hair loss and beard patchiness, while strengthening the hair follicle thanks to powerful Phyto-5 complexe and botanical oils of Nigella, Avocado, Hemp, Jojoba, Olive, Carrot Root and more. Groom yourself with ease
    Start Sunday off right by making time for self-care. A decadent, aromatherapeutic experience, KAVANA Sunday Salt Soak's signature blend of salts, exhilarating and revitalizing citrus essential oils, herbs and orange zest, will rejuvenate your skin and your senses.
  • Neroli Calm Perfume Poem
    A shimmering gold, therapeutic perfume roll on, Kavana's Neroli Calm Blend, is a light, citrus and white flower fragrance that can help calm anxiety, and increase positive feelings. A must-have purse fragrance. Essential oils of Neroli, tangerine, petitgrain bigarade, sweet orange and bergamot blend beautifully in meadowfoam and rice bran oil for a long-wearing, lightly moisturizing, skin friendly fragrance. A soft golden shimmering mica, leaves a shimmer on the skin after applying it.
    KAVANA's Phyto- 5 Luminous Eye Cream is powered by Phyto 5, coffee, aloe vera juice and treasures from the hive. Delicate skin around the eyes, feels tighter, brighter and quenched, hydrated and glowing, plumped up without the feeling of a heavy cream. Soft lilac mica illuminates the orbital bone for a perfect glow!
    Don't go a day without this facial in a bottle. Buff dull, dry skin away with this all natural, safe exfoliating face polish. NO AHA's or BHA's, only safe, gentle, natural ingredients, including clays, rice powder, maple sugar, volcanic pumice stone for an almost microdermabrasion feel. Simply mix  capful with water in your hand and apply to skin with a circular motion. Rinse off and get softer skin today!
  • Grapefruit Perfume Poem: Exhaustion/ Fatigue Blend
    Kavana's Grapefruit Perfume Poem is a clean, non-toxic therapeutic fragrance, formulated to uplift your spirits when tired or exhausted. It has notes of Grapefruit, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Marjoram essential oils help keep you alert. Simply roll on neck, wrists or back of ears for a citrus infused, midday refresh.
Kavana's bestselling, travel sized skincare set (3pcs) includes cleanser, mist and moisturizer in an elegant black package. non-toxic, hormone safe, clean beauty at it's best. Handmade in small batches in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.




Welcome to Kavana's PHYTO-5 capsule collection of non-toxic skincare! Discover non-toxic, hormone safe skincare for face and body and a collection of hand blended, therapeutic 'perfume poem' roll ons, all formulated to sync with your fluctuating hormones. All formulated without the 'Mean 15' to be 100% non-toxic and 100% hormone safe. Read more on the Kavana blog.

Body oil, bath salts, hand cream, muscle balm, eczema balm, great self-care, skincare and bodycare gifts for the holidays and life in general. Non toxic, clean beauty, clean skincare, eco-friendly, organic skincare.


Turn out the lights and bask in the afterglow. If touch is your love language, give yourself a 'self-care Sunday' massage with Kavana's lightweight and ultra-nourishing Afterglow Body Oil. Best used after a slow soak with Kavana's Sunday Salt Soak.

100% non toxic 100% hormone safe

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Discover non-toxic, all natural products for men, like Kavana's Conditioning Hemp and Jojoba Beard Oil. Great for beard hair and men's skin. An elegant glass bottle for the skincare sophisticate. Groom your beard with straightforward skincare.


You groom, bro?! Whether you're baby-faced, bearded or sport a 6 o'clock shadow, we've got you covered.

From our bestselling buffer- Foaming Face Polish to help keep ingrown hairs and pesky razor bumps at bay, to our deep Conditioning Beard oil and favourite Phyto-5 Muscle Balm, you'll find all-natural, simple, straightforward skincare for all your grooming needs, here.

100% non-toxic 100% hormone safe

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Kavana's handmade in small batches, clean fragrance LEV, An Ode to Love, is uniquely packaged in a heart shaped, cherry red, refillable, reflective glass spray bottle. The scent is a sweet, gourmande spritz with notes of tonka, ylang ylang, lemon, benzoin


100% non-toxic and hormone safe, Kavana's Perfumes and therapeutic Perfume Poem roll-ons, are modern, clean, whole, plant based fragrances.

No fillers, no ingredients you can't pronounce; just certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and botanical extracts like tonka and vanilla, in a lightweight, 'dry oil' blend of meadowfoan and rice bran oil or pure grain alcohol.

100% non-toxic 100% hormone safe.

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