Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Crème -luxurious, moisturizing body cream for d – Kavanaskincare
Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Crème -luxurious, moisturizing body cream for dry skin
Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Crème -luxurious, moisturizing body cream for dry skin
Kavana's Phyto-5 Afterglow Body oil and Creme trio is perfect for nourishing dry, dehydrated skin. INdulge with Kavana's Phyto-5 plant oil blend, or offer someone an aromatic gift! Seen in this photo left to right: Kavana's travel size Body Oil (30ml), large bottle of Afterglow Body oil (100ml) and Body Cream jar (200ml) lying flat on a rock.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Crème -luxurious, moisturizing body cream for dry skin
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Crème -luxurious, moisturizing body cream for dry skin
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Kavana's Phyto-5 Afterglow Body oil and Creme trio is perfect for nourishing dry, dehydrated skin. INdulge with Kavana's Phyto-5 plant oil blend, or offer someone an aromatic gift! Seen in this photo left to right: Kavana's travel size Body Oil (30ml), large bottle of Afterglow Body oil (100ml) and Body Cream jar (200ml) lying flat on a rock.

Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Crème -luxurious, moisturizing body cream for dry skin

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Bring a supple radiance and luxurious softness to the skin all winter with Kavana's velvety smooth, Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Crème. This soothing, aromatic and comforting body cream, is perfect for parched winter skin.

Lock in the moisture without a greasy after-feel, and double down on the delicate spa -like scent of the Afterglow Body Crème, with Kavana's well-loved favourite Phyto-5 Afterglow Body oil. A 'dry-touch' body oil, this lightweight formula makes skin satiny smooth, while absorbing quickly and locking in the moisture of the crème. A perfect two-step signature ritual to keep skin feeling soft and supple, all winter long.

Perfect after a bath with Kavana's Sunday Salt Soak or use the Afterglow ritual  during a massage and envelop yourself in the exquisite, invigorating signature scent of this, long-lasting, uplifting, fresh blend of certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

What's not inside is just as important as what is! This non-toxic alternative body oil is: 

  • 100% free of mineral oil
  • 100% free of synthetic 'fragrance/parfum/ fragrance or perfume oils'.
  • 100% free of petroleum or petroleum by products
  • 100% silicone free.

SKIN TYPE: All skin types. 


Volume: 200gr. / 7 oz. 

Details: Currently packaged in an elegant, refillable, unbreakable, clear PET jar, that lets you scoop as much unctuous crème as you need. 

*Clear frosted glass jar will be available in early 2023, due to unforseen shipping delays. Please reduce, reuse, repurpose and recycle this jar when done. Simply wash with soap and warm water, air dry and repurpose for jewellery or keepsakes. 

How to Use

Massage Kavana's Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Crème regularly on clean skin, as needed, to help moisturize and soften dry, wintery skin immediately after a bath/ shower. Start with the legs and work your way up torso, chest and arms for ultimate skin salvation after dry-brushing and bathing. This light textured, rich crème can be used repeatedly throughout the day and before bed.

USE IT WITH: Kavana Sunday Salt Soak, Kavana Afterglow Body oil,  Kavana Hand Heroine-moisturizing hand cream, Kavana Phyto 5 Muscle Balm.

Know More

Kavana's carefully formulated Phyto-5 Afterglow Body Creme, include a premium blend of skin-loving ingredients, including: 

Phyto-5 complexe (Calendula, Comfrey, Echinacea, Plantain and Rosehip seed oil) macerated in Sunflower oil. 

Vitamin A, C, D and E-rich Sunflower oil, is known to help prevent moisture loss, can soften skin and may help provide a line of defence against external elements.

Fast absorbing and light, Rice Bran Oil may be skin regenerating and circulation boosting.

Blended together with a signature blend of calming, immune and circulation boosting, certified pure, therapeutic grade, anti-inflammatory essential oils, including geranium and rosemary. The delicate, spa like scent and afterglow of your incredibly soft, glowing skin will be seen and felt long after application. All Kavana products are 100% free of perfume/ fragrance/'parfum' and synthetic fragrance oils and ingredients.

Sunflower seed oil (Helianthus Annus):  Extremely high in Vitamin E, carotenoids (vitamin A precursors) and Vitamin D, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids that can help the skin get rid of acne, and anti-oxidants that can help neutralize free-radicals and may help reduce premature signs of aging, this oil is perfect for aging gracefully (Source).

This oil has been known to exhibit a super-light texture that is non-pore clogging, and fast absorbing, which may help improve skin's moisture and moisture retention capacities, while potentially smoothing and softening skin instantly.

Orange blossom hydrolat: Orange Blossom hydrolat is known to exhibit anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti oxidant activity (source 1, source 2, source 3)and may provide skin with a fresh feel, balance the pH with it's natural acidity, may soothe redness and irritation from sun exposure or sensitivity, may help brighten and unify uneven skin tone, soften and refresh a dull complexion, giving a radiant glow. It may also help in restoring vitality and suppleness to the skin and it's soft scent is a sensorial delight.(source 1, source 2, source 3)

Unrefined Mango seed butter (Mangifera Indica): Known to exhibit anti-inflammatory, regenerative, protective, softening, soothing and moisturizing properties, this non-greasy feeling, antioxidant rich, lightweight butter contains essential fatty acids and vitamins A,C, and E, which can make it a wonderful choice for dry and mature skin. (source) Used topically, mango butter’s long lasting emollience may nourish skin, boost elasticity and suppleness. (source) It may be instrumental in helping reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark spots, and help tighten skin for a firmer appearance. (source)

Its high vitamin content protects skin against harsh environmental stressors and damages caused by overexposure to harmful UV radiation which may make it excellent for cold, weather conditions.(source) The myriad benefits of this rich and nourishing, lightweight butter may be beneficial to those with eczema and psoriasis.

Colloidal oatmeal: A simple, miracle ingredient that helps protect and soothe dry, itchy skin, colloidal oatmeal has been used to heal and soften skin for centuries. (source) Colloidal oatmeal has long been known to be beneficial in atopic dermatitis. It has been recognized as acting, in part, through normalizing skin pH to its usual acidic range (source). Studies show that thanks to avenanthramides, a group of plant chemicals found in oat kernels, inflammation causing proteins in the body called 'cytokines', are reduced helping to inhibit an inflammatory response. (source) A high anti-oxidant profile may also helps combat oxidative stress. (source)

This unsung hero of the grain world is bursting with vital nutrients such as manganese, phosphorus, copper, biotin, vitamin B1, magnesium, dietary fiber, chromium, and zinc. (source)

Shea butter (Botyrospermum parkii): This healing, miracle butter/oil, has been used since time immemorial to support skin health. A profile rich in five principal fatty acids (palmitic, stearic, oleic, linoleic, and arachidic acids) anti-oxidant, phenolic compounds and vitamins A , D, E and F, allantoin, make Shea butter a genuine superfood for the skin. (source)

An excellent moisturizer for dry, itchy skin, it may be useful to alleviate dryness, cracked skin on hands, heels, around cuticles and in rough patches on skin, caused by acne, rashes, bites, burns, scars, stings and/or stretch marks.  (source) It is a powerful support of aging gracefully, promoting the production of collagen in the skin, thus restoring elasticity and helping prevent premature facial lines and wrinkles, by promoting cell renewal. (source)

Marshmallow root (Althaea officinalis): Ensuring your softest skin ever, marshmallow root protects and conditions, while helping maintain levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin. Marshmallow root has a long history in food and folk medicine that dates back to ancient Greek and Egyptian times, even mentioned in Homer's Illiad, written 2800 years ago.

This anti-irritant, “slippery” herb's roots and stem, secretes mucilage, which helps provide relief from itching, redness and chafing, coating and softening skin, while lowering swelling due to it's emollient properties. Tolerable for even allergenic and hypersensitive skin, this cooling, plant-derived, glycerin-like hydrator, has low-concentrations of ceramide precursors, which can help moisturize and give a plumped look to the delicate skin of the hands. 

Vitamin E (mixed Tocopherols *non GMO): A fat-soluble essential nutrient with anti-inflammatory properties, Vitamin E  is known to help support the immune system, cell function and skin health (source). It's an anti-oxidant, making it effective at combatting free-radicals, produced by metabolism of food and toxins in the environment (source). It is incredibly softening and quick absorbing in the skin, making it an excellent and effective emollient for dry skin (Source).

Phyto-5 complexe is a blend of extracts from five plants (or 'phyto') known to exhibit healing properties and that have been used for millennia to help with skin healing and protection. Wildcrafted in Ontario, Canada*, these plants benefit the skin most by acting in concert, which may help reduce trans-epidermal water loss, boost collagen, potentially calm inflammation and deeply nourish the skin.

*With the exception of rosehip seed oil from Chile. 


INGREDIENTS: Aqua (water), Orange Blossom Hydrolat, Vegetable Glycerin, Botyrospermum Parkii (Shea nut butter), Vegan wax, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower seed) oil, St. John's wort, Calendula officinalis, Comfrey, Echinacea, Plantago Major, Rosehip Seed oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Mango Butter, Avocado Seed oil, Colloidal Oats, Geogard ECT (natural preservative), Vitamin E, certified pure, therapeutic grade blend of essential oils.

WHAT IT'S FORMULATED WITHOUT: The 'Mean 15', parrafin, petroleum (and petroleum by products), mineral oil, palm oil, synthetic fragrance, synthetic preservatives, synthetic colourants, silicone, lanolin, talc, synthetic colourants, synthetic fragrance, parabens, pthalates, propylene glycol, triclosan, propylene glycol, sulfates SLS and SLES, formaldehydes, formaldehyde-releasing agents, retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone, coal tar, hydroquinone, triclocarban.