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  • Toronto Botanical Gardens (Edward Gardens) Holiday Market Nov. 24-26th, 2023.

    The season's changed in the blink of an eye and though the clocks turned back, I have still not found the time to blog consistently, if at all. Whi...
  • Question Peri.d 4: Do hormones affect our sense of smell? Mate selection? Reproduction?

    Do you ever notice that your partner’s sweaty t-shirt smells delish to you when you’re ovulating but maybe more on the "sleep in the guest-room ple...
  • Question Peri.d 3: Why does skin become so oily during the Luteal Phase?

    Many women deal with excess shine and acne breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads, congested skin and more, during their monthly cycle. But what’s causi...
  • Question Peri.d 2: Why do I feel so hot during ovulation?

    Ovulation occurs in the middle of a woman's monthly cycle- between the follicular and luteal phases. It's the time of the month, during which, a wo...
  • Question Peri.d 1: How does your period affect your skin?

    If you've ever woken up and noticed that your skin looks different at different times of the month and throughout your life, this can be connected ...
  • Kavana featured on Subkit!

    Subkit reached out to interview Kavana founder Maya Goldenberg about her entrpreneurial journey and so much more.  Read the interview here.  
  • Kavana's Top 10 Tips for Better Rest & Hormone Balance

    Rest is key to hormone balance. The symptoms of perimenopause are real for women between the ages of ~30 to 55, and the seemingly never-ending de...

    Are you a woman between the ages of 35 and 55? Have you felt or noticed changes in your skin that seem like more than just a sudden, new skin condition?  Have you noticed changes in your sleep patterns, menstrual cycle, mood, energy levels, appetite and libido? Ever wondered why these changes seem to occur, what causes them and what you can do about it? Have you ever heard the term 'perimenopause'? 
  • DOES SKINCARE 'WORK'? A closer look at skin, skincare & toxins.

    This week’s Kavana or intention, is to debunk a prevailing, popular myth around skincare, explore how the skin works to protect us and discover how toxins and substances in skincare get into our bodies through the skin.

  • Toxic Babies & the Mean 15

    When it comes to cosmetics and personal care products, the idea of 'informed consent' is a kind of misnomer, and oxymoron that asks us to consent to using something we are usually uninformed, ill informed and/ not adequately informed about. 

    To decipher the long lists of ingredients on the back of the majority of personal care/ cosmetic products, and be truly informed about what exactly we are putting on our bodies, and how these ingredients- alone or in concert- can affect our skin and our health, might require a degree or three- in chemistry, botany, biology, dermatology, toxicology, physics, latin and thousands of dollars in sophisticated technology and peer-reviewed tests. (Tragically, leaving no leftovers for shoes! ;)

    Most of us are too lazy to bother and just want to buy the nice smelling, vanilla skincare the nice lady is selling. Turns out, ignorance is bliss and it smells good too! This week's Kavana blog post, will give you an idea of the top toxins to avoid: The Mean 15.

  • Toxic Beauty: what's lurking in your cosmetics

    TOXIC BEAUTY: THE LOWDOWN Are the lists of ingredients on the back of personal care products and cosmetics a total mystery to you? Does the questio...

    WINTER IS COMING As the days start to get shorter and nights start to get longer and colder, it is normal for people's energy to wane, and feel an...