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Eco-Deo bar $13

Deet free Bug Spray 120ml/ 4fl. oz $24

Skin Saver Mist (100ml/3.3 fl.oz) $37

Skin Saver Salve $43

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  • Bug-off! Insect Repellent Spray: D.E.E.T free
    Kavana beloved and bestselling DEET free bug spray, now in an aluminum mister, lightweight and great for camping trips. Pictured here on top of a tree stump with a bright green pine cone nd logs behind it. 4fl. oz.
  • Summer Camping Quad
    Kavana's Camper's Essential Quattro includes Skin Saver Salve, SKin Saver Mist, Spray On-Bug OFF DEET FREE Bug Spray, Eco-Deodorant Bar.
  • Phyto-5 Skin Saver Salve for cuts, scrapes, bruises and bug bites
    Kavana's Phyto-5 skin saver salve is perfect for late summer.  This bright yellow salve is excellent post bug bites or other broken skin. Pictured, the bright yellow salve in an open tin, with two propped salves, against a rescue buoy on a deck, with trees in the background.
  • Skin Saver Mist - Hypochlorous acid spray
    Kavana Skin Saver Mist/ Spray is great for bug bites, scars, bruises and scrapes. This clear, frosted glass bottle with a white plastic mister, is refillable and reusable. It is standing straight on a dock by a pond with trees in the bckground, propped up in front of a buoy and a Turkish towel.