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Curated for combination skin, with dryness throughout the cheeks and oilyness and shine in the t-zone, potentially with breakouts below the mouth area and around the forehead and hairline. 


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  • Phyto-5 Calming Cleansing Milk
  • Niaouli Calm, Mattifying mist
    Kavana Niaouli Calm mattifying Face mist with 2% Hyaluronic Acid, Persian Musk Willow water, Irish Sea moss (red algae) extract and willow bark extract is perfect for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin that needs mattifying. Bottle is frosted glass, 120 ml in size and white spritzer and white label with black writing. Also pictured, Kavana's Phyto-5 Nourishing Niaouli Nectar, which is excellent for acne, oily and sensitive skin.
  • Phyto-5 Niaouli Redness Calm Cream
    Packed with skin friendly plant extracts of calendula, comfrey, echinacea, plantain, rosehip seed oil, rice bran oil, willow bark extract, Sea Buckthorn seed oil, French Green and Pink clays and zinc oxide and a vegetable wax that enhances the velvety dry down of this mattifying and redness calming cream by Kavana Skincare, this cream is perfect alone or under makeup. A matte silver cap on a frosted glass jar, means this gorgeous container is refillable, recyclable and fully reusable. Win-win!
  • Lev: An Ode to Love -Clean Eau de Parfum
    Clean, safe, non-toxic fragrance at it's best: this is LEV, Kavana's Ode to Love perfume. Packaged in a  refillable, recyclable cherry red and reflective, aluminum heart-shaped glass bottle, this gourmand fragrance is delicious! The combination of aphrodisiac essential oils and warm, full bodied resins of tonka bean , benzoin and ylang ylang, topped with a refreshing citrus note of lemon, LEV makes for an original scent that is one-of a kind. Lev is seductive, sophisticated, simple and sweet all at once.
  • Purifying Face Mask- Deep Cleaning Clays For Clogged Pores And Acne Prone Skin.
    Kavana's Purifying powder mask, is seen here: a 1oz./30ml. frosted clear glass bottle with a white cap, tilted into a ceramic ivory coloured bowl filled with the mask powder. Another bottle is in the background and a white, folded waffle towel is to the left, under the bottle that is tilting over into the bowl of powder.
  • Zahav: Eau Fraiche- Golden neroli shimmer spray, for hair and body.
    Kavana's Zahav, Eau fraiche, is a handmade, non-toxic light fragrance with a hint of golden shimmer.  Perfect for a summer hair spritz to add shine and delicious scent to the hair.  It's an updated nod to classic Eau de Cologne- a fresh and sophisticated citrus bouquet, blended with white flowers of neroli and orange blossom. An intoxicating and heady blend.
  • Skin Saver Mist - Hypochlorous acid spray
    Kavana Skin Saver Mist/ Spray is great for bug bites, scars, bruises and scrapes. This clear, frosted glass bottle with a white plastic mister, is refillable and reusable. It is standing straight on a dock by a pond with trees in the bckground, propped up in front of a buoy and a Turkish towel.
  • Phyto-5 Luminous Eye Gel Roll-on
  • Niaouli DUO: Mini Niaouli Mist (1oz) and Niaouli Redness Calm Face Cream (1 oz)