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Gifting intentionally or with Kavana, looks like:

  • choosing local, traceable, handmade goods

  • choosing minimally packaged goods

  • choosing natural materials 

  • prioritizing ethical, fair trade, organic, whenever possible

  • choosing non-toxic and carbon neutral items if possible (minimal plastic..)

  • DIY-ing or second hand, vintage gifts
  • sharing what you already have

At Kavana, we believe our internal and external environments are intimately connected and that our planet is truly, a gift that keeps on giving. What goes into our bottles and into your skin, is just as important to us as what is washed down the drain and thrown out and/ recycled.

Simple, minimally dyed, recyclable and reusable paper boxes and paperboard, instead of reams of styrofoam and plastic bubble wrap, keep our products safe when getting to you. Please join us in reducing and reusing whenever you can. 

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