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Collection: Gold Moon Glow Collection- luteal phase

Kavana's Gold Moon Glow collection is geared to those in their luteal phase (~weeks 3 & 4). When progesterone peaks around ovulation, and continues to run the show in the early part of week 3, estrogen levels plummet, and the skin can look plump and feel great, even warm to the touch. That is, until the body realizes pregnancy is not occuring and Testosterone takes over. Then the skin can begin to overproduce sebum (the skin's natural 'oil') making skin look shiny, and blackhead and breakout prone. Kavana's Niaouli calm collection, is  specifically formulated to help mattify and calm skin in the luteal phase.

Nausea, headaches, insomnia and menstrual cramps call also present as symptoms of Pre-menstrual syndrome in the luteal phase. Kavana's aromatherapeutic PMS Perfume Poem roll-ons, are designed to support those experiencing any or all of these symptoms. Peppermint is perfect for headaches and Plai (Thai ginger) can be rolled directly on the abdomen and lower back to help support those with cramps.

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