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Kavana Ethos

Kavana is committed to 'greening' as we grow and minimizing our carbon footprint.


Quality ingredients that are locally wildfcrafted, fair trade, traceable are prioritized, as are non-toxic, hormone safe, and plant powered ingredients. Transprency of ingredients is a focus of the 'KNOW MORE' section on each page, and is echoed as a hallmark characteristic of all of our packaging! You can see what's inside and mindfully keep track of when you'll need to refill.


Everything is as minimally packaged in refillable frosted glass and aluminum, with as few plastic components as possible. Extraneous boxes for each product? Nah, and we hope to stay that way. Our Kavana, or intention, is to green as we grow and offer a "return empties to vendor" program. Stay tuned!

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Education empowers women to make healthier choices for themselves and their families. The Kavana team develops content for Instagram @kavanaskincare and the long form blog at kavanaskincare.com about all things related to hormones, skin, skincare, fragrance and clean beauty!

The goal is to make learning fun and accessible and help to further the connection between the 'inner environment' of women's bodies and the outside environment, to care more for both.

Learn how to sync your self-care to your cycles via 'Skin Cycling' and 'Scent Cycling', explained on the Kavana Blog or join founder Maya G, over on Instagram @kavanaskincare for 'Question Peri.d' a weekly episode answering audience questions about periods, cycling, skin, skincare, hormones and so much more!


Giving back to the local communtiy and advocting for women and the environment, are cornerstones of Kavana's intentional business practices. Ten percent of profits are donated to various local women and environmental organizations, on a monthly basis. We actively support local, women run farms, environmental programs and organizations and hope to be able to continue to do more in this vein, growing greener, as we grow!

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