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Kavana's Perfume Poems, are aromatherpaeutic scents, formulated to help calm, soothe, uplift, inspire and energize your spirit.

Non-toxic, hormone safe, compositions of 100% essential oils in a base of botanical oils, Perfume Poems support your when hormones fluctuate throughout your day, week, month, year, entire adult life!

LEV: An Ode to Love, was composed as a poetic imagining of the scent of love. Warm, sweet and long-lasting, it is a fragrance that is easy to fall in love with. Although a light, modern gourmand, it never overwhelms thanks to 100% non-toxic, botanical, 100% eco-ethical and natural ingredients, including a three year maceration of tonka beans in grain alcohol, blended with ylang ylang, lemon and benzoin resin. 

ZAHAV: Eau Fraiche, is a sparkling fresh scent that harks back to classic Eau de Cologne, minus the classic toxins. All natural, unmistakeable notes of Neroli, Petitgrain bigarade, Tangerine, Sweet orange and Bergamot round out this clean perfume. Shake it before spraying it for the gold-mica inside to disperse throughout the juice. Apply it to skin for a subtle shimmery shine and intoxicating, mysterious scent. 

All Kavana fragrances are non-toxic, clean and free of the 'Mean-15' (including pthalates and parabens), perfumery alcohol, weird preseratives, fixatives and many other toxins. Our fragrances are 100% gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan. 

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