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As hormones shift throughout the monthly cycle, so does our perception and sensitivity to scent. Kavana's P.M.S Perfume Poems, are aromatherpaeutic blends, specifically formulated to help calm, soothe, uplift, inspire, energize and support your mind, body and spirit, during the various phases of your monthly cycle. 

Feeling Tired and wired insomniac? Try the Grapefruit Perfume Poem! Feeling nautious and experiencing cramps? Try the Plai (Thai Ginger) blend! Headaches aplenty? Try the Peppermint blend. Feeling weepy and depressed? The Rose Blend may help lift your spirits. Pregnancy and post-partum anxiety, nervousness and malaise? The Neroli Calm Blend might be just what you need.

Non-toxic, hormone safe, compositions of 100% essential oils in a base of botanical oils, Kavana's P.M.S Perfume Poems support your when hormones fluctuate throughout your day, week, month, year, entire adult life!

All Kavana fragrances are non-toxic, clean and free of the 'Mean-15', including pthalates and parabens, perfumery alcohol, weird preservatives, fixatives and many other toxins. All our fragrances are 100% gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan. 

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