Whether you're single or in a relationship, invite more love into your life with a little romance ritual. Kavana's Valentine's day gift set 'The Homebody' can help you invite more love into you life, by treating yourself and/ someone you love, to a sensorial experience in just seven steps:

Step 1- Check in with yourself and see how you're feeling about love today. On a paper, write down your KAVANA (intention) for inviting or sharing more love in your life. Fold it and seal it with a bunch of kisses.

*If you are sharing this ritual, invite your partner to do the same. Place these aside to share later or store under your pillow, to re-read to yourself or each other later.

Step 2- Fill a sachet with Kavana's Days of Pine and Roses Bath salts and run a warm bath. There's power in a good soak. If you have fresh, unsprayed roses,  feel free to add rose petals for a more fragrant bath.

Step 3- While the water is running, light Pinky Swear Candle Co's 'The Romantic'. Stare at the flame and think of someone you want to direct loving energy towards. Speak any intentions you have around love into existence, like a mantra while keeping your gaze steady on the flame.

Step 4- Once your bath is ready, get in and soak. Draw water towards you lovingly and let it wash over your skin.
Step 5- Love can feel as hot, intense and unpredictable as fire and fluid and ever-changing as water, all at once. Set the intention to find balance in love, between the fiery and the cool. Think of how you express your love to yourself and others.
Step 6- After you finish your bath, put your candle out and massage yourself and/ your love, with Kavana's Afterglow Body oil. Spray some of Kavana's Foreplay Mist around your bed and/ on your lover's body. Re-read your intentions under your pillow out loud to yourself and/ your love. 
Step 7- Repeat this ritual as often as needed. You may wish to note any energy shifts and/ how your intentions or attitudes around love develop or change over time.