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    Natural, non-toxic, aluminum-free, synthetic fragrance free / perfume free, paraben free & pthalate-free, KAVANA's 'Eco-Deo' is a truly eco-friendly deoderant. Free of plastic packaging, this round deoderant bar, fits in the palm of your hand for easy use.  It's clean,  safe and really works to keep you dry and smelling fresh! Great if you're expecting, have sensitive skin, just want to detox from conventional deoderants. Contains ti-tri and lemongrass essential oils.
    KAVANA's Phyto-5 Eczema balm helps you get relief from your eczema symptoms. Powered by KAVANA's signature blend of Phyto-5, five healing plants including Rosehip seed oil, Calendula, Plantain, Echinacea, Comfrey to heal and protect skin, it also has marshmallow root, non-nano zinc oxide, Neem oil, Sea bBuckthorn seed oil and Yarrow to calm inflamed skin.
  • PHYTO-5, HAND-HEROINE: Deeply hydrating hand cream
    A super-velvety, vegan, nourishing hand-cream, KAVANA's PHYTO-5 Hand Heroine helps restore skin’s natural moisture and radiance, healing even the driest hands, without any heavy after feel. Formulated with: PHYTO 5* Kavana's signature blend healing plants, colloidal oats, marshmallow root, allantoin, shea and aloe.
    Whatever your sport, when you go hard, your muscles can feel fatigued, strained, overworked and achey. KAVANA's PHYTO-5 Muscle Balm is specially formulated to offer instant relief to your tired muscles, reduce bruising, encourage good blood circulation, provide elasticity and hydration to the skin, reducing inflammation and bruising, so you can focus on that hot shower and chill post-workout. Your seriously sore muscles, will thank you.
    Start Sunday off right by making time for self-care. A decadent, aromatherapeutic experience, KAVANA Sunday Salt Soak's signature blend of salts, exhilarating and revitalizing citrus essential oils, herbs and orange zest, will rejuvenate your skin and your senses.
    Kavana bug-off spray, is a non-toxic, all-natural ingredient bug spray, powered by bug-repelling essential oils. Deet free and citronella free. Handmade in Toronto to help effectively repel bugs.  Simply spray on and let it dry. Do not use on broken skin and best to patch test for children. Excellent for camping, hiking or outdoor time in nature in warmer months when bugs abound!
  • Mother's Little Helpers Skincare Set
  • PHYTO-5 Cuticle Balm
    After spraying with Kavana's Mudra Mist to keep hands fresh and clean, massage Kavana's Phyto-5 Cuticle Balm and Phyto-5 Hand Heroine: Hydrating Hand Cream for a perfect mani/ pedi. Classic, plant-powered with the finest local ingredients.