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Collection: Gold Moon Glow Collection- luteal phase

Kavana's Gold Moon Glow collection is geared to those in their luteal phase (~weeks 3 & 4). When progesterone peaks around ovulation, and continues to run the show in the early part of week 3, estrogen levels plummet, and the skin can look plump and feel great, even warm to the touch. That is, until the body realizes pregnancy is not occuring and Testosterone takes over. Then the skin can begin to overproduce sebum (the skin's natural 'oil') making skin look shiny, and blackhead and breakout prone. Kavana's Niaouli calm collection, is  specifically formulated to help mattify and calm skin in the luteal phase.

Nausea, headaches, insomnia and menstrual cramps call also present as symptoms of Pre-menstrual syndrome in the luteal phase. Kavana's aromatherapeutic PMS Perfume Poem roll-ons, are designed to support those experiencing any or all of these symptoms. Peppermint is perfect for headaches and Plai (Thai ginger) can be rolled directly on the abdomen and lower back to help support those with cramps.

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  • Foaming Face Polish - Face exfoliator/ exfoliating scrub
    Don't go a day without this facial in a bottle. Buff dull, dry skin away with this all natural, safe exfoliating face polish. NO AHA's or BHA's, only safe, gentle, natural ingredients, including clays, rice powder, maple sugar, volcanic pumice stone for an almost microdermabrasion feel. Simply mix  capful with water in your hand and apply to skin with a circular motion. Rinse off and get softer skin today!
  • Phyto-5 Purifying Cream Cleanser: Wash-off, clay cleanser
    A pillowy cream cleanser, KAVANA's Phyto-5 Purifying Cream Cleanser, gently draws out impurities, excess oil and pollutants to help keep your complexion vibrant and healthy. Skin feels energized, refreshed and clean. PHYTO 5* Kavana's signature blend of healing plants and yucca, moringa oil and Australian rose clay deliver.
  • Niaouli Redness Calm, mattifying mist
    Kavana Niaouli Calm mattifying Face mist with 2% Hyaluronic Acid, Persian Musk Willow water, Irish Sea moss (red algae) extract and willow bark extract is perfect for oily, acne prone and sensitive skin that needs mattifying. Bottle is frosted glass, 120 ml in size and white spritzer and white label with black writing. Also pictured, Kavana's Phyto-5 Nourishing Niaouli Nectar, which is excellent for acne, oily and sensitive skin.
  • Niaouli DUO: Mini Niaouli Mist (1oz) and Niaouli Redness Calm Face Cream (1 oz)
  • Phyto-5 Niaouli Redness Calm Cream
    Packed with skin friendly plant extracts of calendula, comfrey, echinacea, plantain, rosehip seed oil, rice bran oil, willow bark extract, Sea Buckthorn seed oil, French Green and Pink clays and zinc oxide and a vegetable wax that enhances the velvety dry down of this mattifying and redness calming cream by Kavana Skincare, this cream is perfect alone or under makeup. A matte silver cap on a frosted glass jar, means this gorgeous container is refillable, recyclable and fully reusable. Win-win!
  • Phyto-5 Nourishing Niaouli Nectar- Botanical face oil blend
    KAVANA's Phyto-5 Nourishing Niaouli Face Nectar, hydrates, while balancing and purifying sensitive, acne prone skin. Formulated with a blend of oil-balancing botanical oils to comfort and nourish combination to acne prone skin, including Moringa, Borage, Apricot, Sesame, Sea Buckthorn and a signature blend of 9 purifying essential oils.
  • Eco Deo: Aluminum and talc free deodorant bar
    Natural, non-toxic, aluminum-free, synthetic fragrance free / perfume free, paraben free & pthalate-free, KAVANA's 'Eco-Deo' is a truly eco-friendly deoderant. Free of plastic packaging, this round deoderant bar, fits in the palm of your hand for easy use.  It's clean,  safe and really works to keep you dry and smelling fresh! Great if you're expecting, have sensitive skin, just want to detox from conventional deoderants. Contains ti-tri and lemongrass essential oils.
  • Phyto-5 Luminous Eye Gel Roll-on
  • Peppermint Perfume Poem: Aromatherapy roll-on for headaches.