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Niaouli DUO: Mini Niaouli Mist (1oz) and Niaouli Redness Calm Face Cream (1 oz)

Niaouli DUO: Mini Niaouli Mist (1oz) and Niaouli Redness Calm Face Cream (1 oz)

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Going on vacation or staycation this summer? A wedding or fancy event? Keep skin calm and cool with Kavana's Niaouli Redness Calm Mattifying Duo.

Including our travel size Niaouli Calm Mattifying Mist 30ml/ 1oz  (pictured is the 120ml/4oz) and Niaouli Redness Calm Cream, this duo is fortified with 1% Hyaluronic acid (2% concentration), mineral rich and mattifying Irish Sea Moss, mattifying Persian Musk Willow water and anti bacterial White Willow Bark Extract.

*The Kavana Foaming Face Polish (pictured) can be added to this set, but is not included.

This duo helps keep skin hydrated and matte at the same time, and works wonderfully as a makeup setting spray, sans silicones, cyclomethicones and synthetic nylon binders. 


Kavana's Niaouli Redness Calm Mattifying Mist is a gentle, alcohol-free mist that delivers all-day shine control and helps extend the wear of makeup. It can also help calm redness and sensitivity and help acne/ rosacea prone skin look and feel more comfortable.

Kavana's Niaouli Redness Calm Cream is an extra softening and light, moisturizing cream, that rapidly absorbs and immediately , visibly calms the appearance of 'skinflammation'- skin with visible redness or sensitivity. Appropriate for skin with acne, redness, rosacea, hormonal acne and/ sensitive skin.


  • Niaouli (Melaleuca quinquenervia) essential oil, a species of Australian ti-tri oil that has strong anti bacterial and anti fungal properties 
  • White Willow bark extract and Persian Musk Willow hydrosol, from the willow bark and leaves which contain on average about 0.5% salicylates, tannins, and whose leaves contain flavonoids such as rutin (Vitamin P), cinnaroside, quercetin and levotolin, to help reduce bacteria (propiobacterium acne) and topical redness and inflammation on the skin from acne and/ rosacea.
  •  2% Hyaluronic Acid draws moisture into the deeper layers of sensitive redness-rosacea and acne prone skin.
  •  Irish Sea Moss helps with collagen production, and contains 92 out of 102 minerals that makeup the human body!

Skin finish is matte, without feeling dry or uncomfortable. Scent is green and herbal and soft/ minimal.


Sensitive, acne and rosacea prone skin benefit most from the calming effects of this mattifying mist. The holy trinity of skin issues, deserves the holy trinity of skincare! Kavana's Niaouli Calm line is specifically formulated for those with skin issues like sensitivity, acne and rosacea.

First, gently cleanse skin with Phyto-5 Calming Milk Cleanser, no need to use water which can through osmosis, dry skin out more. Simply towel off to keep skin from feeling dry and wash the towel as needed.

Follow up with Niaouli Redness Calm Mattifying Mist, Phyto-5 Niaouli Redness Calm Cream or Kavana's classic Phyto-5 Face Cream and seal it all in with Phyto-5 Nourishing Niaouli Nectar on face, neck and decolletage.


Mattify skin while nourishing it, without drying it out or feeling uncomfortable, with Kavana's Niaouli Redness Calm Mattifying Mist. Natural salicilin in White Willow bark extract and Musk Willow water, along with the anti-bacterial properties of Melaleuca Quinquenervia (a.k.a Niaouli) and the 92, nourishing vitamins and minerals in Irish Sea Moss and 2% Hyaluronic Acid, make this mist a dream.


After cleansing and before moisturizing, help rebalance skin's pH and nourish skin. Close eyes and spritz Kavana's Niaouli Redness Calm Mattifying Mist all over face and decolletage, to refresh skin. A great base before makeup, on it's own, or paired with Phyto-5 Niaouli Redness Calm Cream and Phyto-5 Nourishing Niaouli Nectar.


INGREDIENTS: Aqua (water), Salix Aegyptiaca (Musk willow) water, Hamamelis Virginiana Water, Aloe Barbadensis, Sea Moss (Chondrus Crispus), 1% Hyaluronic Acid at a 2% concentration, Salix Alba (White willow) bark extract, Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) Geogard ECT (natural preservative), blend of certified pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.  



Handmade in Toronto, Canada with non-toxic, premium ingredients. Help minimize plastic pollution by choosing Kavana's elegant, easily cleaned and reusable/ recyclable frosted glass and aluminum options.

Volume:  120ml/ 4 fl. oz.

USE IT WITH: Foaming Face Polish, Phyto-5 Purifying Cream Cleanser, Kavana Phyto-5 Niaouli Redness Calm CreamKavana Phyto-5 Nourishing Niaouli Nectar, Kavana Phyto-5 Cacao-Immortelle Nectar, or Kavana Phyto 5 Hemp and Jojoba Beard oilKavana Phyto-5 Tinted Lip Treatment Oil.


IRISH SEA MOSS (Chondrus crispus): Sea Moss is a type of red algae that grows on rocks in deep ocean water. It is rich in bioactive antioxidants, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory compounds that have potential benefits for skin care. (source) 

mineral rich:Specifically, sea moss is rich in vitamins and minerals, including zinc, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and phosphorus. (Source

moisture rich reinforcement: When used topically, algae has been found to be a better humectant than even hyaluronic acid, one of the buzziest hydrators of all. And sea moss, in particular, has special moisturizing properties: It contains high amounts of polysaccharides called carrageenans, which act as a thickening agent that forms a protective yet non-occlusive film over the skin (source) 

Carageenan is used to give products a thick and rich feel, and it binds water and can help hold water to the skin and may even have antibacterial benefits.  The film formed is structurally similar to the skin's own proteins. Because of this characteristic, sea moss reinforces and stimulates keratinization of the epidermis, the top layer of skin, which is in charge of filtering out agressors. (source)

anti-inflammatory:  Thanks to high concentrations of zinc, vitamin A and sulfur, Sea Moss has anti-inflammatory properties that make it helpful in managing redness and rosacea prone skin, or inflammation caused by sensitive, acne prone skin. (source) 

photo protection: Sea Moss helps combat free radicals on skin cells, which may enhance skin's photoprotection from UVB exposure. (source)

helps balance oil production: Thanks to it's high sulfur content, sea moss  also helps balance oily, acne prone skin, helping with the overproduction of sebum, without overdyring, bringing a much needed balance while moisturizing and protecting skin. (Source)

1% HYALURONIC ACID, at 2% concentration: Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally occurring glycosaminoglycan found throughout the body’s connective tissue. Glycosaminoglycans are simply long unbranched carbohydrates, or sugars, called polysaccharides.

HA is the main component of the extra cellular matrix that gives skin structure, and is responsible for that plump and hydrated look of skin, as it can bind up to 1000 times it's weight in water! In other words it functions as a humectant and holds water molecules onto the surface of the skin to keep it nice and hydrated and slow-down the rate at which water evaporates on the surface of the skin. Since the body's naturally occurring supply of Hyaluronic acid decreases with age, skin can be more susceptible to wrinkles and sagging. Hyaluronic acid increases skin elasticity, (11) has been used to treat eczema (121314), facial rosacea, (15) and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. (1617). (source) 

Kavana's Mist is mattifying and yet hydrating thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid in it, making it a hybrid that's perfect for oily, acne prone and redness and rosacea sensi-skin. Perfect for the time of the month when hormones wreak havoc on the skin and you need to stay calm!

size matters: there are different molecular weights/ size of hyaluronic acid and concentrations, measured in unified atomic mass units called 'daltons' (kDa).

The smaller the molecule, the deeper it can penetrate the skin, however, if skin is compromised, this can also be problematic, as it can carry bacteria from the surface into the skin's deeper layers.

Many professionally formulated hyaluronic acid products contain a variety of weights of HA to get the full spectrum of benefits—the surface plumping of high molecular weight, and the deeper hydration of low molecular weight, which can significantly change wrinkle depth and skin dryness and roughness, and increase moisture and elasticity. The ideal concentration is 2% or lower and dalton range of 50-1000 kDa, with molecule size below 500kDa being the most ideal for passing through the skin barrier, according to human studies. (source) (source)

Kavana's Niaouli Redness Calm Mattifying Mist, contains mixed low and high molecular weights in the range of 250-450 kDa and is ideal for all skin types.

NIAOULI (Melaleuca quinquenervia): Also known as 'the lavender of the Pacific' where this bush is native, Niaouli, a kind of 'gentler' tea-tree/ti-tri (Melaleuca alternifolia) is a skin healing and purifying essential oil that has been used as a cure all for centuries.

Cicatrising: Thanks to its cicatrisant properties, Niaouli Essential Oil is the ultimate healer. When applied topically to the epidermis, Niaouli Oil works to stimulate cellular regeneration to reduce the appearance of acne scars, blemishes and small imperfections. Niaouli gently stimulates the body's immune defences and helps heal wounds, and protect and restore the skin and can help rejuvenate tired and dull-looking complexions. 

Purifying: Thanks to it's antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties, Niaouli can help cleanse and purify the pores, making it especially useful for congested, rosacea and acne prone skin. It penetrates pores and cleanses the skin from harmful impurities such as toxins, pollution and free radicals.

WHITE WILLOW BARK EXTRACT:  Willow bark extract is a potent herbal remedy for many skin problems, including acne, rosacea and redness prone skin. This gentle but potent extract can help heal hormonal acne and prevent future flare-ups. It can also be used to treat eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.  A natural alternative to salicylic acid, because it contains salicin, which is converted into salicylic acid by specialized enzymes in our digestive system, when ingested.

anti-inflammatory: It can also help calm redness, reduce excess oil secretions, help clear pores of impurities and dissolve blackheads thanks to it's salicylic acid content.

exfoliating: It can gently exfoliate skin thanks to it's keratolytics (compounds that break down the outer layer of the skin and can even decrease thickness of psoriatic plaques), and help repair skin lesions and remove dead skin cells.

Whether applied topically or consumed, willow bark can increase blood flow to the skin due to its antioxidants, while also reducing the appearance of wrinkles and age marks. Furthermore, it can eliminate inflammation in the skin and ease the pain of insect bites and irritation.

MUSK WILLOW (Salix Aegyptiaca) hydrosol:  Musk Willow is an Ancestral Medicinal Plant growing in Iran. The Musk Willow thrives in Iran and was used as an ingredient in many tonics and healthy drinks.  Fresh bark contains salicylates on average about 0.5%, tannins, the leaves contain flavonoids such as rutin (Vitamin P), cinnaroside, quercetin and levotolin. (source)

It is astringent, anti-inflammatory and may be helpful for redness, rosacea and acne prone skin, thanks to the proanthocyanidins.